Development, Evolution, and Cell Signaling

Head Sylvie Rétaux, Deputy head Martial Ruat

In brief

The Department of Development, Evolution and Cellular Signalling (DECS) studies the mechanisms underlying the formation, maintenance, regeneration and functions regulation in the nervous system, and how these mechanisms are shaped by evolution. DECS brings together teams that use a variety of methodologies and complementary animal models to study these processes from the cellular and molecular scales to whole organisms.

Research areas

By studying model animals (flies, mice, birds, amphibians and fish), at all life stages from egg to old adult, using comparative, genetic and molecular approaches and methods including imaging, genome edition and transgenesis, transcriptomics and functional analyses in vivo, our research projects aim to understand:

  • Neural stem cell biology
  • Neurogenesis, differentiation of neural cells, and brain morphogenesis
  • Brain homeostasis and maintenance of neuronal functions in physiological and pathological conditions
  • Interactions between the nervous, immune and vascular systems.
  • Molecular signalling pathways involved in neuronal functions.