The AlphAI educational robot

The Computer Science and Data Processing team provides the hardware infrastructure (computing servers, etc.) and the theoretical and practical expertise (artificial intelligence, software engineering, etc.) for ambitious research projects in the ICN department. It also hosts a valorization project in neuro-robotics, with the first product being the educational robot AlphAI.

Equipped with its various sensors (cameras, wheel movement detector), the AlphAI robot learns to understand its environment and to move in the arena. Depending on the learning mode chosen on the graphical interface, it becomes capable, through trial and error, of avoiding walls or following a track on the ground. The audience observes the robot’s behavior change over time and correlates it to the changes made on the graphical interface, which represents the neural network of artificial intelligence.

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Learning Robots

With the support of the French Ministry of Education and Bpifrance, Thomas Deneux created the company Learning Robots in April 2020 which markets as its first product the educational robot AlphAI, to teach artificial intelligence (AI).

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Ninovax (a subsidiary of Truffle Capital, Paris)

Ninovax is a start-up created to accelerate the research and valorization of Jean-René Martin’s team patent: SNO RNA composition and uses (WO2015/067727).

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myWaves- Listening to your brain waves

myWaves is a technology conceived by Alain Destexhe and Luc Foubert. The technnology consists of generating personalized sensory stimuli (typically sounds) from recordings of the physiological activity of subjects (typically brain activity). This technology was patented by the CNRS in 2017, and numerous applications are being developed.

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Improved therapeutic method for rare ocular diseases by gene replacement

Patent PCT/EP2020/056199 (inventor 90% Jérôme Roger and 10% Elodie Grellier, team M. Perron) was published on September 17, 2020 under the number: WO2020/182722.

It concerns the use of an adenovirus expressing the CRX factor for gene therapy approaches.

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snoRNA, compositions and uses

Patent PCT/EP2014/073991 (inventor Jean-René Martin) was published on May 14, 2015 under the number: WO/2015/067727.

It concerns the use of small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) which the inventors have demonstrated to be involved in the mechanisms of aging.

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Physio-Sensory Transduction Method and Device

Patent FR-3065366 (inventor 50% Alain Destexhe and 50% Luc Foubert, Destexhe team) was published on October 26, 2018 under the number: WO2018/197155. US publication: US-2020-0138322-A1 (publication date May 7, 2020).

It is a method for synthesizing acoustic stimuli based on computer analysis of brain activity.

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Method for Obtaining Conditioned Model Fish

Patent PCT/EP2019/076177 (inventors: Cynthia Froc, Kei Yamamoto, Solal Bloch) was published on April 02, 2020 under
the number: WO/2020/065006.

It concerns the methodology and apparatus designed to test cognitive capacity such as working memory in fish.

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Device and method for imaging mobile targets

Patent PCT/EP2022/058652 (inventors : Timothé Jost-Mousseau, Isabelle Férézou) was published on October 21, 2022 under the number: WO2022218723.

It concerns a device for imaging a mobile target moving on a given plane of motion.

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