Group leader: Carole Escartin

Astrocyte signaling in health and neurodegenerative diseases

In brief

New team joining the NeuroPSI Institute by summer 2024

Astrocytes have crucial circuit-specific interactions with neurons, regulating synaptic activity and plasticity at multiple timescales. Their potential role in modulating complex behaviors is emerging, but still under-investigated, especially in disease, where astrocytes display major but still unclear changes. Studies on astrocyte regulation of synaptic activity focus mainly on calcium signaling. However, we and others showed that other signaling cascades play central roles in astrocytes, including transcription factor-based cascades such as the JAK-STAT3 pathway, which controls key molecular and functional features in astrocytes, with long-lasting impacts on neurons in disease models.
We aim to understand how these alternative signaling modalities in astrocytes shape neuronal function, from synapse to behavior in health and disease.