By donating to NeuroPSI, you are supporting neuroscience research, which aims to understand how brain works and to fight diseases of the nervous system.

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How to make a donation?

Write a check with the CNRS as beneficiary, accompanied by a letter specifying that you wish this donation to be allocated to the NeuroPSI laboratory. If you wish, you may also specify a theme/team to which you would like to direct your funds.

Address where to send the check:
François ROUYER
Head of Paris-Saclay Neuroscience Institute (NeuroPSI)
Université Paris-Saclay / CNRS
CNRS, Bât. 32
1 Av. de la Terrasse
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Your donation is tax deductible.
By making a donation you benefit from a reduction in income tax. The amount of this reduction (%) depends on the status of the donor and the regulations in force. For more information, please contact your local tax office or contact us.