Gender Equality & Equal Opportunities

In brief

The “Gender Equality & Equal Opportunities” committee aims to implement actions to inform and act in favor of gender equality within the NeuroPSI institute.

The committee’s missions, which aim to promote awareness and change our behavior, are divided into several axes:

  • To conduct a survey at NeuroPSI on gender representation at different career levels
  • To communicate and sensitize NeuroPSI members to gender biases (conference-debates, roundtables…)
  • To promote women scientists (invite women scientists to the Institute’s conferences, encourage female PhD students to apply for the L’Oréal-UNESCO Young Talents France for Women in Science Award, encourage NeuroPSI women scientists to apply for promotions, etc.)
  • Establish a Mentoring program and a women’s club to promote exchanges on the subject within NeuroPSI

Women in science at NeuroPSI

PhD students
Jeanne Guitton

Technical staff
Irina Kopysova

Assistant Professors
Hélène Courvoisier
Catherine Del Negro

Sylvie Granon

Tihana Jovanic

Directors of Research
Alain Destexhe
Muriel Perron

Webinar organized by the Mission for Women’s Integration at the CNRS (MPDF)
Thursday, February 10th 2022, at 10:45am, CNRS/INSB Videoconference

Gender Equality in Higher Education, Research and Innovation: from institutional policies to international cooperation issues. Webinar organized within the French presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Picture a Scientist
Friday, September 17th 2021, 11am, NeuroPSI videoconference

The movie PICTURE A SCIENTIST chronicles the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists.

Renata Coura
July 2, 2021, NeuroPSI

PhD in Neurosciences, Présidente-Fondatrice de Neurotélos

Round Table – Cognitive Gender Bias: Origins, Figures, Consequences and Perspectives

Distribution of women and men by grades
at NeuroPSI (January 2021)

CNRS and higher education charters and action plans

Repository of women in neuroscience to help you identify and recommend female neuroscientists for conferences, symposia or collaborations

Recruitment in academia

Harassment and psychosocial risks

Biais in scientific publishing

Editorial: Assessing gender disparity among Cell authors

  • CNRS reporting system

The address has been activated for any staff if they feel they are victims or witnesses of :
an act of violence, an act of discrimination, moral or sexual harassment, sexist behaviour.