This scientific day is dedicated to our colleague Jean-Stéphane Joly, INRAE Research Director. Jean-Stéphane Joly worked at the NeuroSciences Paris-Saclay Institute. He founded the TEFOR Paris-Saclay unit, which is part of the CELPHEDIA infrastructure. Jean-Stéphane was a key player in the creation of this infrastructure.
We wanted to pay tribute to him by organising this day on November 8th 2023, which brings together the scientific themes that he was so passionate about.

Registration is free but required.
Rgistration and program

Program of the day :
After the opening conference by Denis Duboule (Collège de France), four thematic sessions will be held:

Fish Models
Speakers: Sylvie Rétaux (CNRS), and Stefan Schulte-Merker (University of Münster)

Speakers : Bill Jeffery (University of Maryland) and Vincent Laudet (University of Okinawa)

Genome Editing
Speakers : Carine Giovannangeli (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle) and Filippo del Bene (Institute of Vision, Paris)

Regeneration and Stem Cells
Speakers: Catherina & Thomas Becker (Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden), and Xavier bailly (Roscoff Marine Station)

Coffee breaks and buffet lunch will be served during the day. The day will end with a convivial moment, a great occasion to remind us of good memories with Jean-Stéphane.

The organizing committee:
Daniel Boujard, Jean-Pierre Levraud, Sylvie Rétaux, Pierre Affaticati, Johanna Djian-Zaouche.
This tribute day is supported by Celphedia.