Histology Neuro-HISTO

In brief

The Neuro-HISTO platform provides NeuroPSI teams with a set of equipment for histological sections.

For more information, please contact Nathalie DESVIGNES or Alicia DONVAL.

The Neuro-HISTO plateform offers the teams of the Institute the equipment necessary for carrying out different histological techniques:

  • Histological coloration
  • Immunostaining
  • In situ hybridization (classic or RNAscope)
  • TUNEL assay

Types of inclusion: paraffin, O.C.T, agarose or gelatin.

Cutting devices:

4 Cryostats

6 Vibratomes

4 Microtomes

1 Freezing microtome


Nathalie DESVIGNES – Assistant Engineer, CNRS

Deputy manager

Alicia DONVAL – Technical assistant, UPSaclay


Ghislaine POIZAT – Engineer, CNRS
Cécile SICARD – Technical assistant, UPSaclay
Bernadette WISZNIOWSKI – Technician, CNRS

Scientific referents

Valérie DOYERE – Research Director, CNRS
Muriel PERRON – Research Director, CNRS

The people in charge of the Neuro-HISTO platform offer a set of services to the different research teams of NeuroPSI:

1) Project-based realization of histology and immunohistochemistry work 

Sections, Immunolabeling, Microscopy & Image Analysis

Project Manager : Nathalie DESVIGNES

Assistant Manager : Bernadette  WISZNIOWSKI

Technician : Cécile SICARD

2) Technologycal park

Maintenance and repair of devices & Training of new users

Cryostat : Ghislaine POIZAT et Nathalie DESVIGNES

Paraffin microtome : Alicia DONVAL

Freezing microtome : Nathalie DESVIGNES

Vibratome: Nathalie DESVIGNES et Alicia DONVAL

We train new users and provide them with technical assistance and advice if needed.

3) Platform management

Management of online reservations, budget and purchases

Nathalie DESVIGNES, Alicia DONVAL & Ghislaine POIZAT

Reservation is compulsory and is done via the GIPSI website


Cutting devices are subject to hourly pricing.

Hours of use are billed semester.