European Institute of Theoretical Neurosciences

The European Institute of Theoretical Neurosciences (EITN, dir. Alain Destexhe) is in the framework of the Human Brain Project, to attract high profile researchers and foster inetrdisciplinary neuroscience research, associated to theHuman Brain Project (HBP).
The EITN is an open place to foster theoretical neuroscience activities related to the HBP, and has been planned to create strong interactions with the theoretical neuroscience community to bring new ideas and theories to the project. The EITN finances external researchers through an extensive workshop and visitor program.

The theoretical neuroscience activities of the EITN are being animated by all principal investigators of the HBP theoretical neuroscience division. Several postdocs, PhD students, visitors, in addition to the Director and the EITN team will be welcoming you at the Institute.

Scientific Director

Senior Research Scientist, Vice-Director of NeuroPSI


Chief of Administrative and Technical team
Irina KOPYSOVA – CNRS Research Engineer

EITN Project & Systems manager

Administrative and Financial assistant

Communication manager


By co-organizing monthly international workshops on topics involving Theoretical Neuroscience, the EITN aims at working as an incubator of ideas and foster interactions between theoreticians and experimentalists. The smaller scale attendance of these events, of about 30 to 50 participants, facilitates discussions and exchanges.

The EITN also acts as a learning structure by organizing a yearly Spring School in Computational Neuroscience targeted at PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers. Each year, this 10-days theoretical and computational neuroscience training gathers a group of 20 selected attendees with faculty and tutors to realize a concrete modelling project.

Finally, the EITN is open to research visitors for a stay up to three months. Thanks to its proximity to experimental laboratories within the Neuro-PSI, visiting EITN is a great opportunity for both theoreticians and experimentalists to interact together.

Workshops going online

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, activities of EITN are going online. Until it is safe to meet again, workshops will be virtual.