The round of funding from the ANR 2022 is 6 new funded projects for our NeuroPSI research teams!

Congratulations! to

Mohammed Taouis:
Glucose homeostasis alteration implicates a novel hypothalamic inflammatory pathway.

Glen Dallérac:
Rôles des interactions neurogliales dans la mise en place du comportement addictif.

Thana Jovanic,
Alain Destexhe:
NEUROMOD State-dependent modulation of neuronal circuits underlying sensorimotor decisions.

Daniel Shulz,
Olivier Marre (Institut de la Vision, Paris) :
PerBaCo: Studying sensory coding of complex naturalistic stimuli in the barrel cortex with a perturbative method and a machine learning approach.

Jean-René MARTIN:
Analysis of the relationship between the new snoRNA-jouvence in the gut, the metabolism, the neurodegeneration, and the lifespan (Aging-jou).

Guy Bouvier:
ANR JCJC, SensoMotion l’impact des mouvements de la tête sur la vision.