Identification of the central neural circuits supporting the increased ventilation during running activity.

When we run, an immediate increase in ventilation is absolutely necessary to maintain homeostasis despite the increased energetic demand. The neural bases of this “running hyperpnea” have long remained very speculative. In a study published in Nature Communications, NeuroPSI researchers from the “Neural Circuits and Motor Control” team characterized two neural pathways by which the central locomotor network can upregulate respiratory rate in running mice. On top of identifying critical underpinnings for respiratory hyperpnea, these data also expand the functional implication of cell types and pathways that are typically regarded as “locomotor” or “respiratory” related.

Upregulation of breathing rate during running exercise by central locomotor circuits in mice. Coralie Hérent, Séverine Diek, Giovanni Usseglio, Gilles fortion, Julien Bouvier

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