Kiran Padmanabhan

Kiran Padmanabhan

Contrôle moléculaire et épigénétique des rythmes biologiques IGFL Institut de Génomique fonctionnelle de Lyon

In good times and bad: how chromatin and transcriptional dynamics instruct circadian physiology

The circadian clock, a conserved gene-regulatory network, drives rhythmic daily expression of thousands of RNAs in nearly all mammalian tissues to temporally organize function and anticipate daily changes in the environment. A core BMAL1:CLOCK transcription factor dimer assembles every day on chromatin and the subsequent cyclical recruitment of RNA Pol II at promoters generates transcripts with 24hr oscillations in their abundance. Our work has shed light on how histone variants establish the chromatin context needed to build the core clock and regulate its myriad outputs. The disruption of these pathways in clock null animals and our recent analysis of the transcriptional landscapes using long-read RNA sequencing will be presented.

Invité par François Rouyer

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Nov 10 2023




ROUYER François

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