In the context of a partnership, Inserm and CNRS launch every year a call for proposals aimed at:
Facilitating young researchers in establishing and heading their own research team within an established Inserm or CNRS (Institute of biological sciences) laboratory in France.
The ATIP-Avenir teamswill contribute to the advancement of research in the host unit while
simultaneously pursuing independently their own scientific project.

Promoting mobility and attracting talented early-career scientists to assume leadership roles.

The ATIP-Avenir grant is allocated for a duration of 5 years
The program is open to young scientists, regardless of their current position or nationality, who possess 2 to 8 years of experience since obtaining their PhD or equivalent doctoral degree (PhD defence between September 15, 2015 and September 15, 2021). Successful applicants are required to conduct their projects within a structure in which he/she has not been working for more than 18 months 2 and will not find any prior mentors from their PhD and/or post doctorate. Candidates who have received grants similar to the ATIP-Avenir program (e.g. ANR JCJC or ERC programs to manage a research group) are not eligible. While ATIP-Avenir laureates can apply to similar programs, they cannot combine funding from programs similar to ATIP-Avenir.

Applicants are limited to applying for a maximum of two different ATIP-Avenir calls. Projects must relate
to Life sciences or Health. The contract will have to begin during the first half of 2025.

Clinicians are encouraged to submit applications. Projects must comply to the ethical guidelines established by Inserm and CNRS.

The deadline for submitting applications is November 16, 2023.

The CNRS/INSB website for more informations (PDF)


Package for 5 years including:
● Annual grant of € 60,000
● Two-year salary for a postdoctoral researcher or an engineer.
● Five-year salary for non-tenured laureates.
A mid-term report must be provided.

Contact : Francois Rouyer