Équipe Julien Bouvier

Circuits neuronaux et contrôle moteur
Les publications

Publications of the team or with team members :

    • Usseglio G, Gatier E, Heuzé A, Hérent C, Bouvier J. Control of orienting movements and locomotion by projection-defined subsets of brainstem V2a neurons. Current Biology, 2020. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2020.09.014. Open-access full text.
    • Schwenkgrub J, Harrell ER, Bathellier B, Bouvier J. Deep imaging in the brainstem reveals functional heterogeneity in V2a neurons controlling locomotion. Science Advances, 2020 Dec 4;6(49):eabc6309. Open-access full text or download pdf.
    • Hérent C, Diem S, Fortin G, Bouvier J. Absent phasing of respiratory and locomotor rhythms in running mice. eLife, 2020. Dec 1;9:e61919. doi: 10.7554/eLife.61919. Full text on eLife or download pdf.
    • Skarlatou S, Hérent C, Toscano E, Mendes C, Bouvier J, Zampieri N. Afadin Signaling at the Spinal Neuroepithelium Regulates Central Canal Formation and Gait Selection. Cell Reports, 2020 Jun 9;31(10):107741. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.107741. Pubmed link. Open-access full text.

Previously published work of the team leader:

    • Caggiano V*, Leiras R*, Goñi-Erro H, Masini D, Bellardita C, Bouvier J, Caldeira V, Fisone G, Kiehn O (2017). Midbrain circuits that set locomotor speed and gait selection. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature25448. Full text available from PMC. Abstract on Nature Website.
    • Wu J, Capelli P, Bouvier J, Goulding M, Arber S, Fortin G (2017). A V0 core neuronal circuit for inspiration. Nat Commun. Sep 15;8(1):544. doi: 10.1038. Full text available.
    • Bellardita C, Caggiano V, Leiras R, Caldeira V, Fuchs A, Bouvier J, Löw P, Kiehn O. (2017) Spatiotemporal correlation of spinal network dynamics underlying spasms after spinal cord injury. eLife, Feb 13 ;6. Full text available from eLIFE or PMC.
    • Hernandez-Miranda LR, Ruffault PL, Bouvier J, Murray AJ, Morin-Surun MP, Zampieri N, Cholewa-Waclaw JB, Ey E, Brunet JF, Champagnat J, Fortin G, Birchmeier, C (2017). Genetic identification of a hindbrain nucleus essential for innate vocalization. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci U.S.A. Jul 25 ;114(30):8095-8100. Full text available.
    • Bouvier J, Caggiano V, Leiras R, Caldeira V, Bellardita C, Balueva K, Fuchs A, Kiehn O (2015). Descending Command Neurons in the Brainstem that Halt Locomotion. Cell. 2015 Nov 19 ;163(5):1191-1203. doi : 10.1016/j.cell.2015.10.074. Full text available from PMC.
    • Talpalar AE*, Bouvier J*, Borgius L, Fortin G, Pierani A, Kiehn O (2013). Dual-mode operation of neuronal networks involved in left-right alternation. Nature Aug 1 ;500(7460):85-8. Pubmed
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    • Ramanantsoa N, Hirsch MR, Thoby-Brisson M, Dubreuil V, Bouvier J, Ruffault P-L, Matrot B, Fortin G, Brunet JF, Gallego J, Goridis G (2011). Breathing without CO2 Chemosensitivity in Conditional Phox2b Mutants. Journal of Neuroscience, Sep ; 31 (36) : 12880-12888. Full text.
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