23 avril 2021

Two for the price of one: Hox gene roles in Drosophila neurons

Conférence de Sabi Raouf Issa invité par Jean-René MARTIN

Vendredi de NeuroPSI le 23 avril

Sabi Raouf Issa, PharmD, PhD (Sussex Neuroscience, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK) présente un exposé intitulé « Two for the price of one: Hox gene roles in Drosophila neurons »

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Although the circuit components of behavior are built under the influence of genes, it currently remains unclear whether functionally equivalent movements performed by morphologically distinct organisms rely on common or different genetic operators. Here we investigate this problem by looking at the effects of the microRNA /Hox system on distinct developmental stages of the fruit fly, including the larvae and adults: organisms with substantially different somatic and neural constitution, biomechanics, behavioral structure, and lifestyle. Through the combination of gene expression, optical imaging and behavioral analyses, we show that a single genetic module composed of the microRNA miR-iab4 and the Hox gene Ubx contributes to the self-righting response in both Drosophila larvae and adults. Our study also reveals a novel neural role of Hox genes in the fully formed adult, suggesting that these key developmental genes perform previously unknown regulatory functions once development has ceased.

23 avril 2021, 11h0012h00
Institut NeuroPSI

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