Candidate pediatric cancers driver’s genes in a rare pediatric cancer

Functional studies of candidate pediatric cancers driver’s genes in a rare pediatric cancer.


A CDD engineer/tech position for one year is available in the team “Neural Crest, Development and Evolution” led by Sophie Creuzet at Institut des Neurosciences Paris-Saclay.

Despite considerable advances in understanding the genetics underpinnings pediatric cancers, rarer genetic alterations or clinical entities are still unstudied. In addition, a major challenge is to increase the speed and throughput capability of functional analysis of candidate oncogenic events in order to better accommodate the deluge of data emerging from large-scale oncogenomics efforts. Therefore, too often, the use of genetic alterations for diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic purpose, remains limited.
Our project aims to study and characterize candidate pediatric cancer drivers’ genes through in vivo and functional studies on ex-ovo explants. Experiments are designed to reduce the use of animal models, replacing them by ex-vivo systems when eligible. To screen the oncogenic relevance of the variants of unknown significance, candidate genes are functionally tested using the chicken model as the closest to human from a developmental point of view. We anticipate that this project will improve the understanding of the mechanisms of oncogenesis in children. This information’s are likely to identify new biomarkers and new therapeutic tracks, for pediatric cancers. The proof of concept conducted in chicken embryos for a rare pediatric cancer, will open the way to study candidate drivers for the most frequent pediatric cancers through an established collaboration with Gustave Roussy Pediatric Department.

Environment: The engineer/tech position is opened in the group of Dr. Sophie Creuzet, in the department of Development Evolution and Cell Signaling at Neuro-PSI. The lab will be located in the brand -new building devoted to Neurosciences in Paris-Saclay (located on CNRS-Gif campus until August 2020, before moving to the CEA-Saclay campus), where the candidate will benefit from the high-level multidisciplinary scientific environment and from state-of-the-art technological platforms.

Candidate profile: We are looking for a motivated candidate, qualified in developmental molecular and cell biology. The candidate should have at least 1-year experience in molecular biology (cloning, RNA synthesis, DNA purification, transfection), and cell biology (microinjection, explant and ex-vivo approaches, cell culture, confocal microscopy). Expertise in all of these 3 domains would be considered a plus. Spoken English is preferred.

Job Type: Full-time contract. Experience: 1 year in academic labs (Preferred)
Language: English (Preferred).

Application: Please submit your CV, a letter of motivation and two letters of recommendation with contact details to

Sophie Creuzet - Contact
Institut NeuroPSI à Saclay
Tel: +33(0) 1 69 82 41 61

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