Équipe François Rouyer

Génétique Moléculaire des Rythmes Circadiens
Logiciel FaasX

Fly Activity Analysis Suite for Mac OSX

FaasX is a MacOSX (10.4 ->10.14 and above) universal application that is closely related to BRP (Brandeis Rhythm Package, D.A. Wheeler) to process DAMSystem (Trikinetics) fly activity data and provides you a more convenient graphic interface.
It was developed by M. Boudinot at the Institut de Neurobiologie Alfred Fessard, CNRS, in the group Molecular Genetics of Circadian Rhythms of François Rouyer.

FaasX is self sufficient and does not need any other software, but experiment description files that are needed by FaasX can be more easily created using Microsoft Excel and the provided Experiment template with the help of the corresponding applescript makeFaasXFiles application.


FaasX allows to run batch analysis on circadian activity collected by DAMSystem such as :
• circadian and double plot of daily activity (Actogram).
• tabulated average activity for entrainment data with graphical rendering (Eduction)
• period analysis periodogram with tabulated text and graphical results :

• Periodogram (Cycle_p)
• Autocorrelogram (Autocorrelation)
• MESA power spectrum (MESA)
• phase analysis (Phase).

FaasX installation kit

FaasX_Kit.zip- Kit version : 1.22
The provided data set can be used to test your installation and gives you example of files that are needed to run FaasX.


Michel Boudinot : email
François Rouyer : email