Eugloh Summer School in Neuroscience June 2021

26 avril 2021
Discovery of the structure, functioning and capacities of the brain. The Neuroscience summer school will provide insights into a broad range of topics, including developmental, cognitive, integrative and computational neurosciences. Theoretical lectures will be accompanied by practical sessions and round table discussions.

From Neural Stem Cells to Artificial Intelligence, 21st-25th June 2021

Registration (Deadline May 15th)

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Proposed topics

DAY 1: Neurogenesis & Neurodevelopment
MORNING (9h-12h50)

Welcome by NeuroPSI director (F. Rouyer)

• Introduction I Patrick Pla (NeuroPSI)
• Neurogenesis/Neurodevelopment, Sophie Creuzet/Diego Amarante (NeuroPSI)
• Glial cells & Neurodevelopment, Magdalena Götz (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)
• Neural stem cells & diseases, Henrik Ahlenius (Lund University), speaker from NeuroPSI
• Adult neurogenesis, speaker from NeuroPSI

AFTERNOON (14h-18h)

• Basis of Neuroanatomy, Philippe Vernier (NeuroPSI)
• Practical course: brain anatomy, visualisation of Brain atlas, image analysis, Patrick Pla
• brief evaluation

DAY 2: Neuronal circuits & Behaviour
MORNING (9h-12h50)

• Introduction II T. Jovanic (NeuroPSI)
• Neuronal networks, Gabor Tamas (University of Szeged), T. Bal (NeuroPSI)
• Neuronal plasticity & Memory, G. Dallérac (NeuroPSI)
• Integrative neuroscience, I. Ferezou (NeuroPSI), Maria Robles
(MPI, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)

AFTERNOON (14h-18h)

• (14h-16h) Mini-symposia: participants will choose ‘à la carte’. Seminars will run in parallel:
I. ‘Evolution & Communication’, S. Rétaux/I. Charrier
II. ‘Neuroendocrinology’, M. Taouis &Co
III. ‘Neuropathologies’, (Eszter Farkas, University of Szeged,…. C. Vaillend)
IV. ‘New technical approaches to Neurosciences’, Cyril Monier, J. Bouvier

16h30-18h00 Virtual cultural activity
brief evaluation

DAY 3: Sensory Neuroscience
MORNING (9h-12h50)

• Introduction III Y. Fregnac (NeuroPSI)
• Sensorimotor information, D. Shulz (NeuroPSI), Henrick Jörntell (University of Lund)
• Auditory perception, J-M Edeline (NeuroPSI)
• Visual perception, Dan Nilsson (University of Lund), Alexander Borst

AFTERNOON (14h-18h)

• 14h-15h: Laboratory Animal Science, Anna Olsson (University of Porto)
• 15h30-17h30: 1st session of short presentations from Eugloh PhD students
(8 presentations 10’+5’ questions)
• brief evaluation

DAY 4: Computational Neuroscience and neuroengineering
MORNING (9h-12h50)

• Introduction IV, D. Guarino /A. Destexhe (NeuroPSI)
• Biophysical neuron and population models, D. Guarino /A. Destexhe (NeuroPSI), Anton Sirota
• Neuromorphic tools and devices, A. Davison (NeuroPSI), Paulo Aguiar (University of Porto)
• Brain machine interface, Jens Schouenborg (University of Lund)

AFTERNOON (14h-18h)

• Brain machine interface, V. Ego-Stengel (NeuroPSI)
• Practical works on computational Neuroscience: simulation and analysis of neuron models
• brief evaluation

DAY 5: Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence
MORNING (9h-12h50)

Welcome by NeuroSPIN director (Stanislas Dehaene)
• Introduction V T.Deneux (NeuroPSI)
• Artificial neural network and machine learning, Márk Jelasity (University of Szeged)
• Metacognition, Hannes Leitgeb (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)
• Neuroimaging and machine learning, B.Thirion (NeuroSPIN), Tamas Kincses
(University of Szeged)

AFTERNOON (14h-18h)

• 14h-16h: Practical works on Machine learning applied to NeuroImaging using Nilearn,
(Bertrand Thirion team members)
• 16h30-17h30: 2nd session of short presentations from Eugloh PhD students
(4 presentations)
• brief evaluation
• 17h30: closure ceremony and prize for the best PhD talk