NeuroPICT : Imaging Platform
Scientific manager: Julien Bouvier (CR, CNRS)
Operational manager: Sandrine Guyon (IR, CNRS)
Our platform enables multi-scale imaging from the cell to the whole organism in support of Neuroscience research. We provide state-of-the-art technology and expertise in photonic microscopy to researchers within and outside of the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience. The users are offered training, assistance and advice. We also collaborate on scientific and technology projects.
The platform currently has four acquisition systems: a light sheet microscope, two confocal laser scanning microscopes and a multiphoton microscope. New users are trained to become autonomous and are assisted by the technical staff.
Reservation via the GIPSI website is mandatory.
New users please contact Sandrine Guyon at
Hours of use are billed on a semi-annual basis.
For confocal imaging, the hourly rate is 15€ for members of the institute and 20€ for external academic researchers. For light sheet and multiphoton imaging, a quote will be provide for each research project.
Light sheet microscope UltraMicroscope II , Miltenyi Biotec
Managed by Aurélie Heuzé
Objectives :
1.1X objective lens, 0.1 NA Working distance: 15.7 mm (H2O) /
16.0 mm (Clarity/Scale) / 17.6 mm (DBE)
Corrected for: 450-850 nm
4X objective lens, 0.3 NA Working distance: 5.6-6.0 mm
Lasers and filter sets :
488 Laser with ET525/50 filter set
561 Laser with ET590/33 filter set
639 Laser ET680/30 filter set
Andor Zyla 5.5 sCMOS
Microscope confocal Leica TCS SP8 AOBS – DM6000CS
Managed by Sonya Galant
Objectives :
10x Plan APO, 0.4 NA, dry, working distance 2.2
25x IRAPO, 0.95 NA, water immersion, working distance 2.5
40x Plan APO, 1.1 NA, water immersion, working distance 0.65
UV, Diode, 405 nm, 50mW
Ar, 458, 476, 488, 496, 514 nm, 65 mW
DPSS, 561 nm, 20 mW
HeNe, 594 nm, 2 mW
HeNe, 633 nm,10 mW
Microscope confocal Zeiss LSM 700
Managed by Sandrine Guyon
Objectives :
10x EC Plan Néofluar , 0.3 NA, dry, working distance 5.2
20x EC Plan Néofluar, 0.5 NA, dry, working distance 2.0
40x EC Plan Néofluar, 1.3 NA, oil immersion, working distance 0.21
63x Plan Apochromat , 1.4 NA, oil immersion, working distance 0.19
405nm, 5mW
488nm, 10mW
555nm, 10mW
639nm, 5mW
Filter sets:
49 DAPI shift free, EX G 365, BS FT 395, EM BP 445/50,
38 Endow GFP shift free, EX BP 470/40, BS FT 495, EM BP 525/50
20 Rhodamin shift free, EX BP 546/12, BS FT 560, EM BP 575-640
Microscope multiphoton Leica SP8
Managed by Fabrice Licata
Objectives :
25X HC Fluotar L, 0,95 NA, water immersion, working distance 2.5
2 PMTs (spectral detection) and 2 PMTsT-RLD (Green/Red)