Platforms & Services

Our platform enables multi-scale imaging from the cell to the whole organism in support of Neuroscience research. We provide state-of-the-art technology and expertise in photonic microscopy to researchers within and outside of the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience. The users are offered training, assistance and advice. We also collaborate on scientific and technology projects. The platform currently has four acquisition systems: a light sheet microscope, two confocal laser scanning microscopes and a multiphoton microscope. New users are trained to become autonomous and are assisted by the technical staff.

The Institute’s Service of Zootechnique is committed to providing research teams high quality and cost-effective research animal resources. The service provides high quality expertise in laboratory animal technology especially for research in neuroscience. It is really committed in working to advance excellence in the Laboratory Animal Care Science and tries to underline the important role the Lab Animals welfare plays in research.

The TEFOR Paris-Saclay, a platform at the heart of the TEFOR infrastructure, serves researchers to conduct genome editing and phenotyping programs, particularly at early stages and in the adult brain of zebrafish. In order to offer a complete and innovative range of services, UMS TPS coordinates a network of expert centres: a consortium of laboratories and partner platforms whose complementary activities best meet the needs of the scientific community.