Scientific Departments

Cognitive and Network Neuroscience
Head Valérie Doyère, Vice-Head Glenn Dallérac.

Development, Evolution and Cell Signaling
Head Sylvie Rétaux, Vice-Head Martial Ruat.

Integrative & Computational Neuroscience
Head Daniel E. Shulz, Vice-Head Catherine Del Negro.

And two international antennae :
The European Institute of Theoretical Neurosciences (EITN, dir. Alain Destexhe) in the framework of the Human Brain Project, to attract high profile researchers and foster inetrdisciplinary neuroscience research, associated to the
French Node of the Internationational Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF, dir. Andrew Davison).
These two international antennae are attached to and administered by ICN.

Technical Facilities and Administrative Services

General Secretary : Patricia Madrières
Management/Veterinary : Franck Baron, clinique du Pont-de-Seine (Paris)
Gif-sur-Yvette, Orsay : Head Valérie Lavallée

Washing/Device preparation : Jocelyne Gaget, Patricia Villeneuve
Informatics : Head Bernard MARTIN
Workshop/Prototyping : Patrick Parra
Logistics/Asset Management/Health & Safety : Sandrine Ceresiani, Pascal Abbas, Pascal Fangouse + H. & S. Comittee
Information Management/Website : Alain Pérignon
General Stores/Deliveries : Pascal Fangouse

Administrative Services
a) Human Resources : Head Odile Lecquyer
b) Budget/Finances : Head Nathalie Berthé, Vice-Head Michèle Toulgoat
c) Services :
Fabien BELLANGER, Jérôme HERVÉ, Aline GINOIS, Amélie LÉOST, Michèle MESINEL, Michèle TOULGOAT.