Documentation & Communication

The scientific literature and documentation management

Scientific and technical information plays a fundamental role in the world of research. The “literature and documentation management” functions mainly to support the activities of research or technical teams.

Our services include:

  • provision of documents
  • management of subscriptions,
  • promotion of the Institute’s publications,
  • conducting bibliometric studies on the impact of Institute’s publications,
  • monitoring the accessibility of literature/document portals,
  • support for science-promoting activities,

We strive to adapt to the needs of the staff and to stay up to date with technological developments.

  • Science-promoting activities stimulate exchanges of ideas and discussions among researchers and publicize, externally and internally, the current research work at the Institute.
  • Science communication and popularisation aim to inform students, future researchers and the general public about current scientific achievements in order to cultivate appreciation for science, to improve knowledge of the world and to stimulate the debate on scientific and social issues.
Ways and means
  • production of brochures
  • organisation of visits and open days
  • dedicated web pages on the NeuroPSI website: Calendar, News, Conferences, Events, Science & Society
  • internal or targeted external dissemination of highlighter achievements
  • deployment of a website using a CMS tool with multiple interactive features

The Documentation & Communication service participates in various actions carried out by CNRS or University networks:

  • CorComm network of communication correspondents of the DR4
  • network of communication correspondents of Paris-Saclay
  • network of INSB unit correspondents
  • Com’On network of correspondents of the CNRS DirComm

Publications in the HAL institutional archive

The Documentation & Communication service systematically deposits NeuroPSI publications in the HAL open archive.

Access the documents

  1. To obtain copies of journal articles or book chapters, use the interlibrary loan (PEB), managed by the University library (building 407 on the Orsay campus). To locate books, theses or journals in France, consult the SUDOC.
  2. To borrow a book for one month through the PEB contact University library (building 407 on the Orsay campus).
Introduction to INIST

A CNRS service unit dedicated to scientific information for over 30 years