Research activity

My research is centered on the study of the integrative properties of the cerebral cortex, with a particular focus on the processing of tactile sensory information. Using the mouse vibrissa system as a model, I study how complex tactile scenes are processed within the cortical network at the mesoscopic scale.

Using voltage sensitive dye imaging, eventually coupled with electrophysiology or optogenetics as needed, I seek to understand :

  • How the cortex extracts the global properties of the objects explored from complex multiwhisker sequences of tactile stimuli?
  • How the cortical activation induced by tactile stimuli is modulated by the behavior of the animal?
  • Is the somatosensory cortex able to generate waiting signals on the basis of the sensorimotor context?

Previously; I have achieved my PhD in 2003 at the ESPCI ParisTech while working with Dr. Bertrand Lambolez on cortical GABAergic interneurons. Using the single-cell RT-PCR technique in combination with patch-clamp recordings in acute cortical slices, I have demonstrated the specific synaptic activation of cortical VIP interneurons by afferent serotoninergic fibers via the ionotropic 5HT3 receptor. I then joined in 2004 the Laboratory of Sensory Processing directed by the Pr. Carl Petersen, at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), where I have adapted the voltage sensitive dye imaging technique to study the cortical processing of sensory information in awake mice. This work revealed differential processing of sensory input depending upon behaviour. Moreover, it demonstrated that sensory processing in motor cortex may contribute significantly to active sensory perception. In 2007, I have integrated the Laboratory of Neurobiology of the ESPCI ParisTech, in the team “Physiologie des Interneurones” directed by Pr. Jean Rossier as a CNRS researcher fellow. There, my work was focused on the role of 5-HT3A expressing interneurons in the processing of sensory information. I finally joined the UNIC and the team “Sensory processing, neuromodulation and neural plasticity” directed by Daniel Shulz in 2011, attracted by the excellence of the multidisciplinary scientific environment, the expertise of the team in the field of tactile sensory processing, and the perspectives offered by the development of a unique multiwhisker stimulator.


Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (2018) : Functional exploration of the cerebral cortex: From single neurons characterization to the visualization of evoked dynamics at the mesoscopic scale. Université Paris Saclay.

PhD (2003) : Functional characterization of a neocortical GABAergic interneuron population. Direction : Pr. Jean Rossier et Dr. Bertrand Lambolez. Allocation ministerielle de recherche. Université Paris VI.


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