Thesis projects in 2020

Doctoral School BIO-SigNE (Signaling and Integrative Networks in Biology)

• Team leader: Sylvie GRANON
Thesis supervisor: Sylvie GRANON
Co-director: Alexis FAURE
Neural bases of individual cognitive variability in mice.


• Team leader: Jean-René MARTIN
Thesis supervisor: Jean-René MARTIN
Characterization of the Molecular/Cellular Mechanisms and Neuronal Circuitry Responsible for General Anesthesia in Drosophila.


• Team leader: Jean-René MARTIN
Thesis supervisor: Jean-René MARTIN
Characterization of a cluster of three snoRNAs including jouvence, implicated in longevity and neurodegeneration in Drosophila.


• Team leader: Jean-Marc EDELINE
Thesis supervisor: José-Manuel CANCELA
Role of a new family of channel in the control of social behavior by regulating oxytocin secretion.


• Team leader: Philippe VERNIER
Directeur co-encadrant de la thèse : Michaël DEMARQUE
Study of neuronal plasticity induced by early activity changes during brain embryogenesis in the zebrafish.


• Team leader: Jean-Pierre LEVRAUD
Thesis supervisor: Jean-Pierre LEVRAUD
Impact of innate antiviral response in the zebrafish nervous system.


• Team leader: Valérie DOYÈRE
Co-director: Heather MC LEAN
Cellular and behavioural consequences of mTOR dysfunction in the amygdala during development.


Doctoral School SDSV (Structure and Dynamics of Living Systems)

• Team leader: François ROUYER
Thesis supervisor: Brigitte GRIMA
Genetic basis of the natural polymorphism of sleep-wake rhythms in Drosophila.


• Team leader: Daniel VASILIAUSKAS
Thesis supervisor: Daniel VASILIAUSKAS
Maintenance of neuronal functionality in an aging organism: the role of Arrestin2 in maintaining the mutually exclusive Rhodopsin5/Rhodopsin6 expression in the adult Drosophila retina.


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