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Stem Cells and Neurogenesis in the Retina (SCaNR)
Centre d’Études et de Recherches Thérapeutiques en Ophtalmologie (CERTO)



Read our work on the role of YAP in the maintenance of cone photoreceptors.
Yap haploinsufficiency leads to Müller cell dysfunction and late-onset cone dystrophy. Masson C., García-García D., Bitard J., Grellier É-K., Roger J.E., Perron M. (2020). Cell Death Dis. 11(8):631.




Read our recent review on the retinal regenerative potential of Müller glial cells.
Update on Müller glia regenerative potential for retinal repair. García-García D., Locker M., Perron M. (2020). Curr Opin Genet Dev Jun 30;64:52-59.




Read our work on the role of YAP in retinal regeneration in both Xenopus and mouse.
Linking YAP to Müller Glia Quiescence Exit in the Degenerative Retina. Hamon A, García-García D, Ail D, Bitard J, Chesneau A, Dalkara D, Locker M, Roger JE, Perron M. (2019). Cell Rep. May 7;27(6):1712-1725.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.04.045.




Read our manuscript revealing that Müller glial cells are able to reenter into the cell cycle and regenerate photoreceptor cells in the Xenopus retina
Müller glial cell reactivation in Xenopus models of retinal degeneration (2017). Langhe R, Chesneau A, Colozza G, Hidalgo M, Locker M and Perron M. Glia 65(8):1333-1349.




Read our manuscript revealing a link between reactive gliosis in Müller cells and the Hippo/YAP pathway
Retinal Degeneration Triggers the Activation of YAP/TEAD in Reactive Müller Cells (2017). Hamon A, Masson C, Bitard B, Gieser L, Roger JE, Perron M. IOVS. 58 : 1941-1953.




Read our review on Müller cells and their regenerative ability in different species
Müller glial cell-dependent regeneration of the neural retina : An overview across vertebrate model systems (2016). Annaïg Hamon, Jérôme E. Roger, Xian-Jie Yang and Muriel Perron. Developmental Dynamics published online : 8 JAN 2016 DOI : 10.1002/dvdy.24375.




Read our article revealing a role for YAP in the control of DNA replication timing program in retinal stem cells
YAP controls retinal stem cell DNA replication timing and genomic stability (2015). Cabochette P*, Vega-Lopez G*, Bitard J, Parain K, Chemouny R, Masson C, Borday C, Hedderich M, Henningfeld K, Locker M, Bronchain O§, Perron M§. eLife 4:e08488.


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