FRM Team 2022

The team of Julien Bouvier received the label, for their project on reticulospinal neurons in locomotor control and recovery following spinal cord injury.

2022-03-31T09:59:59+02:0031 March 2022|, Events|


the MindPulse digital test developed by the start-up It’s Brain is a very promising tool for the diagnosis of attention and cognitive disorders

2022-01-11T16:46:47+01:0021 December 2021|Events|

ANR 2021

Great round of funding from the ANR 2021 for our NeuroPSI research teams, with 12 funded projects so far. Congratulations to the grantees

2022-02-08T14:38:04+01:0026 July 2021|, Events|

Eugloh Summer School in Neuroscience June 2021

Discovery of the structure, functioning and capacities of the brain. The Neuroscience summer school will provide insights into a broad range of topics, including developmental, cognitive, integrative and computational neurosciences. Theoretical lectures will be accompanied by practical sessions and round table discussions.

2021-06-21T16:18:54+02:0026 April 2021|Events|
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